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Birth of Hanuman




One version begins with a heavenly being Anjana, an apsara. One day she visited earth in search of fun and came across a sage meditating in a forest. Ajana being playful and lacking respect for Sage’s tapasya (meditation), disturbed him to gain his attention. She was successful but the sage coming out of the tapasya was all raged for the interruption. He cursed Anjana to take the form of a monkey owing to her mischievous behavior. Anjana realized the act of her foolishness and prayed Lord Shiva for redemption. Shiva granted her a boon, and elsewhere, Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya, was performing a Yagna in order to have children. Dasharatha received sacred pudding from the Yagna and ordered his three wives to share it. On the instructions of Shiva, the Wind God Vayu, took the help of a hawk and snatched a small portion of pudding before it was all consumed and gave it to Anjana in the forest. After having the pudding, the three wives of Dasharatha gave births to Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna, and Anjana gave birth to Hanuman.



  Hanuman as a child was very mischievous. He would tease the meditating sages in the forests and disturb their arrangements for yagnas. Sages found his behavior unbearable and placed a curse due to which Hanuman would not emember his own strength and abilities unless reminded by others.  
  One day, Hanuman pursued the Sun in the sky mistaking it for a fruit. He reached the Sun and tried to grab it to eat. The Sun God, out of fear, seeked help from Indra to save him. Indra, King of all devathas, throwed his weapon 'Vajra' at Hanuman to stop him from catching the Sun. Hanuman was hit and fell on the ground unconscious. The Wind God, Vayu, the father of Hanuman became furious at the situation and sucked out all the air and let the life choke to death. To make amends, all the Gods made apologies to Vayu for hurting his son, and blessed Hanuman with various boons making him invincible, immortal, and super powerful.  
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