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The two great epics in Hinduism ‘Ramayana’ and Mahabharata’ have been told a million times before.  Hanuman featured in both but his role in Ramayana is more prominent and significant.




 Meeting of Rama and Hanuman at Rishyamuka Mountain


Kingdom of Kishkindha was ruled by Vanaras and Vali was their King. Vali had a dispute with his brother Sugreeva. Stronger of the two, Vali, was about to kill the other. Sugreeva ran for life and hid in Rishyamuka Mountains where he formed a new army and appointed Hanuman as the Chief Minister.


One morning two people were noticed approaching towards them when Sugreeva, Hanuman, and others were preparing for Yagna. Sugreeva asked Hanuman to check the identity of the two. Seeing from the distance, Hanuman identified Rama and his brother Lakshmana. But Sugreeva was skeptic and wanted Hanuman to verify that they are not someone sent by Vali to kill him. Hanuman approached the two brothers in the guise of a Brahmin, praised them and their appearance eloquently, and requested them to identify themselves. Rama recognized that it is Hanuman in disguise and replied, "Only a person who has mastered the four Vedas can speak with such a command and elegance. Any King with you as the minister is bound to succeed". Rama introduced himself and his brother Lakshmana. Hanuman shed his disguise and fell on the feet of Rama and requested him to pardon for his actions. Rama then embraced Hanuman and all three proceeded towards the Rishyamuka.


Alliance between Rama and Sugreeva


Rama explained Sugreeva and Hanuman that he is in search of his wife Sita who is abducted by Rakshasa King Ravana. Hanuman showed some ornaments and asked Rama to identify if they belong to Sita. With tears rolling in his eyes, Rama asked how they found them. Sugreeva explained about the chariot carrier a man and woman flying over the mountain a few days earlier. The woman was asking for help and has thrown the ornaments onto the ground. The exact whereabouts of Ravana were not known except that his kingdom is down south. Hanuman explained about Sugreeva and his estrangement with Vali and then helps in forming an alliance between Rama and Sugreeva.


Search for Sita

  With help of Rama, Sugreeva killed Vali, and is coronated as the King of Kishikindha. As promised, the search for Sita began. Rama gave his ring to Hanuman and asked to use it to identify himself as his Messenger when he meets Sita. With the help of Vanaras, Hanuman searches the entire southern seashore. Angadha (son of Vali) and Jambhavantha (King of Bears) also joined the pursuit of Sita. Search in all directions failed and the only place left out was beyond the ocean. All Vanaras looked at the vastness of the Ocean, stood at the shore helpless, and felt sad for their inability to cross it. Knowing that only Hanuman could fly across the ocean, Jambavantha reminded Hanuman of his immense strength and ability to fly long distance and the curse the sages put on him when he was a child. All Vanaras praised the unsung Hero and in the midst of it, Hanuman gathered his strength, enlarged his body, and took a big leap from the top of the mountain and flew towards Lanka.  The powerful Hanuman killed all monsters and destroyed all obstacles on the way and finally reached Lanka at night.  



Hanuman locates Sita

  Hanuman searches all of Lanka and finds Sita in the morning at the far end of the Palace held as a captive in Ashoka Vatika (garden). He waits for a chance when no one is around and introduces himself to Sita as the messenger of Rama and gives her the ring that Rama gave him. Looking at the Ring, Sita confirms that he indeed is a messenger of Rama. Hanuman explains how Rama has been searching for her and about the preparations he is making to rescue her and also offers to carry her back to Rama. Sita declined the offer and said only Rama should liberate her by killing the Rakshasa who had dared to dishonor him. Sita also conveyed that she would wait for Rama’s arrival and gave a hairpin to give it to Rama before Hanuman was about to return.  



Hanuman creates havoc in Lanka

  Hanuman wanted Ravana to have a glimpse of his enemy’s power before leaving Lanka. Hanuman destroyed Ashoka Vatika and continued with killing all the demons who were sent to stop him including Ravana’s youngest son, Akshaya.   Indrajit, another one of Ravana’s son, came to stop him and soon realized that he was not dealing with an ordinary person and shot Hanuman with Brahmastra. Hanuman surrendered only to show respect for the Lord Brahma and was then presented in the court of Ravana where he introduced himself as the messenger of Rama. Ravana ordered to kill Hanuman but Vibhishana, brother of Ravana, reminded the rule to Rakshasa King that messengers should not be killed. Ravana then wanted to hurt the pride of Hanuman and ordered that his tail be set on fire. Hanuman set Lanka on fire with his burning tail before he began his return journey. All of Lanka was burnt except for the place where Sita was held. Hanuman proved his point.  

Hanuman returns and building bridge to Lanka


Hanuman received a grand welcome upon his return to Kishkindha. He described his meeting with Sita and gave the hair pin to Rama. This gave the hope, happiness, and determination to Rama. The entire army was then prepared for battle with Ravana. Everyone reached the shore where Vibhishana who was then banished from Lanka joined Rama. A bridge to Lanka was then built on water under the guidance of Hanuman. All of Vanaras and Ballukas (bears) reached Lanka and were all set to fight along the side of Rama, Lakshma, Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angadha, Jambhavantha, and Vibhishana.


Battle with Rakshasas


Many on both sides were killed in the fierce battle that followed. The final battle between Rama and Ravana ensued. Many arrows with divine powers were shot at Ravana but none would kill him. Finally, upon advice of Vibhishana, Rama shot Ravana in the navel with Ramabaan (arrow named after Rama himself)thereby  killing the Rakshasa King.

  Return to Ayodhya  

Rama crowns Vibhishana as the King of Rakshasas and the later arranged the means for everyone to return to Ayodhya. Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman returned to Ayodhya in the Pushpak Vimanam (Chariot that flies).

  During the coronation ceremony as the King of Ayodhya, Rama said, whoever worships Hanuman by chanting his name would be blessed with prosperity, fearlessness, and wisdom. Anywhere in the world today, a temple for Rama will be incomplete without Hanuman’s statue.  



The Power of Hanuman’s Tail

  Bheema is the second of the Panadavas and was known for his physical strength and arrogance. Hanuman wanted to subdue Bheema’s arrogance and so blocks the way by placing his tail across the narrow road when the later was passing through a forest. Unknown of who he was dealing with, Bheema ordered Hanuman to make the way for him. Hanuman requests to go around him for which Bheema denies and tries to move the tail by himself. Bheema could not move the tail by an inch even after he gathered all his strength. He then realized that the person he was dealing with was no ordinary man and begged for the truth. Hanuman identified himself and Bheema fell at Hanuman’s feet asking to forgive his arrogance.  

Battle of Kurukshetra


In the battle of Kurukshetra, upon the request of Arjuna, Hanuman appeared on the Chariot Flag. Hanuman’s presence on the chariot gave strength, intelligence, wisdom, and discipline that Arjuna needed during the war. His presence also warded off any evil influences. This also gave Hanuman an opportunity to hear Bhagavat Gita from Krishna himself and HIS Vishwarupa.

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